Why S.E.I.T.???

The long term and the short term courses are launched after an initial survey. The courses full the following requirement of the students.

  •  To gain professional Qualification.
  •  Certification.
  • Improved efficiency.
  • Enhancing knowledge through new technological information.
  • Prepare students for newer vocations.


Various techniques are used in teaching which includes:-

  • Regular teaching/ training.
  • Study material for self study.
  • Councilors are available at the study center to provide required guidance and for evolution of student progress.
  • Practical facility at the study center.
  • Use of audio / video facilities for teaching.

Keeping in mind the requirements of study material in local languages.  It is prepared Hindi and other languages and is provided after detailed field testing. Basically the entire course material is available in Hindi for state in the Hindi belt. For other states material is available in English and regional languages.



To make the program more effective SEIT is taking assistance From other NGO’s as well as government organizations for propagating the program. The training programs are implemented by SEIT through many training centers in District, Tehsil and block levels.